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Ms. Ashley has been educating at Children's Emporium since March 2012. She holds her 45 hours of Florida Statewide Childcare training, CDA, Director's Credentials and is First Aid / CPR certified, she is also looking forward to returning to school to complete her degree in Early Childhood Education!  Ms. Ashley is the lead teacher in our Brilliant Bookworms VPK class and you will also see her evenings in the office to help out and say goodnight! She has been working with children since 2000. Ms. Ashley is originally from New Jersey and moved to Florida in 2008. In 2012, she married her husband, Eric. The Turner family expanded in 2014, they welcomed their first child. Their daughter, Violet, also attends Children's Emporium! Ms. Ashley enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, baking, reading with Violet and a good cup of coffee.

Brilliant Bookworms - V.P.K.

Andy's Toys - V.P.K.

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Space World - 3 year olds

Miss Melissa has been creating little learners since 2008! She became a part of our family in 2019!  Miss Melissa holds her 45 hours of Florida Statewide training, CDA, CPR/First Aid trained and is looking to continue to further her education in Early Childhood Development.  Miss Melissa is no stranger to our center and already family because Ms. Cherice is her sister and her daughter, Alana is in our Aftercare program!  In her spare time, Miss Melissa enjoys reading the bible, singing, and playing the guitar. Miss Melissa loves to build up and encourage others around here, which is a true blessing to us too!  She looks forward to being apart of your child’s growth and will do her very best to let them know just how special they are.

Ms. Cherice and her joyous personality came to join our Children’s Emporium family in 2018!  Ms. Cherice holds her 45 hours of Florida Statewide training and is CPR/First Aid certified.  She is looking forward to obtaining more achievements and credentials. Originally from Manhattan, New York; Ms. Cherice has now been living in Florida for 23 years.  Ms. Cherice is no stranger to working with children, she has taught Sunday School for four years at her church, New Life Christ Enrichment Center Church of God by Faith.  Married to her wonderful husband Erik, they have three terrific children; Adrienne, Erika and Ezra (Not to mention, she even has her sister Melissa working here too!)  In her spare time, she enjoys playing with her children, being silly, going on nature walks and reading the bible!

Ms. Mory has been enriching children’s lives internationally since 2008!  Ms. Mory has been a part of our family at Children’s Emporium since August 2015 and says she is “so happy to be a part of this excellent staff”! Ms. Mory holds her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education, her 45 hours of Florida Statewide training and is CPR/First Aid certified.  Ms. Mory started as a team with Ms. Ashley in our Brilliant Bookworms V.P.K. class until becoming the lead teacher to our four-year olds!  Ms. Mory is originally from Mayaques, Puerto Rico.  She then lived in Fort Lauderdale, FL for ten years before relocating to Port St. Lucie in 2015.  Ms. Mory has a wonderful family at home too!  Omar, her husband whom she married in 1998, and her two daughters (Kiara & Kaylee).  During Ms. Mory’s days off she likes to go shopping at the mall with her family, reading, riding her bike and going to the beach.  She also enjoys trying other foods from various cultures!

Ms. Robin has been educating children for 13 years! She joined the Children's Emporium family in December 2015! Ms. Robin is originally from Boston, Massachusetts and relocated to Florida when she was 7. Ms. Robin has two sons, Jordan and Ayden. Ms. Robin holds her 45 hours of Florida Statewide training, currently completing her CDA and is First Aid / CPR trained. In her spare time, Ms. Robin enjoys football, fishing, baking and spending time with her family.

Forest Friends - 1 year olds

Crayola Kids - 2 year olds

Miss Jocelyn has been enlightening children's educational paths for 6 years. She joined the Children's Emporium family in 2013. Miss. Jocelyn is originally from Staten Island, New York, but came to sunny Florida when she was 5 years old. Miss. Jocelyn actually has a legacy here at Children's Emporium. Her grandmother worked here, then her mother and now her! Not to mention, she is a Children's Emporium Alumni! Miss. Jocelyn holds her 45 hours of Florida Statewide training, holds her Florida C.D.A.,First Aid / CPR certified and is pursuing her Degree in Occupational Therapy.  Miss Jocelyn also participates with the St. Lucie County S.T.E.M. Gems. Ms. Jocelyn enjoys drawing, art, baking and just hanging out with friends.


Ms. Gina has been educating and growing minds for 23 years! She has proudly spent 11 of those years at Children's Emporium! She has lead in Administration for 6 years now. Ms. Gina is proudly from Brooklyn, N.Y. In 1990, she moved to Florida! Ms. Gina holds her 45 hours of Florida Statewide training, CDA, Director's Credentials and is First Aid / CPR certified. Ms. Gina is also raising three growing boys! Danny who is 23, Hunter who is 11 and Ryan who is 10. Ms. Gina enjoys jewelry making, fairs, cooking, baking, fishing, boating and time with the family.


Ms. Mariel has been enlightening youth of all ages for 15 years. She has been mentoring staff and leading in administration for 4 years. Ms. Mariel holds her 45 hours of Florida Statewide training, CDA and is first aid/CPR certified and her Director’s Credentials. Ms. Mariel is a Florida native! In her spare time she enjoys to travel around the world and experiencing different cultures. If she’s not traveling, she’s spending quality time with her family and friends.

Ms. Janeth has been empowering children on their educational journey since 1986! Ms. Janeth started at Children's Emporium as a teacher's aide back in 1992. She then advanced and became the lead teacher! in 1994, Ms. Janeth achieved her dream of owning a Preschool. She became the owner and active Director of Children's Emporium Preschool!! Ms. Janeth holds her Associate Degree in Arts and an Associate Degree in Science/Child Development and Education, as well. She also obtained her CDA, Director's Credentials and is CPR/First Aid certified. Originally from Ecuador, South America, Ms. Janeth relocated to Port St. Lucie, FL in 1990. Mother to two terrific daughters of her own, MJ and Belen, and grandmother to her adorable grandson, Ms. Janeth has also been a very special woman to the staff of Children's Emporium. She has influenced and encouraged so many great teachers to achieve their personal dreams! In her spare time, Ms. Janeth loves to learn about other cultures, travel, read, volunteer at her church and just spend quality time with her daughters!

Ms. Gina

Miss Amya has been developing small thinkers for a “lifetime”! Being the oldest out of 11 siblings, she’s had a lot of experience helping with kids, that’s why she is a wonderful assistant in the afternoons with our V.P.K. children!  Miss Amya is currently enrolled at Port St. Lucie High and is part of the graduating class of 2020!  A Florida native, Miss Amya holds her 45 hours of Florida Statewide training, CPR/Frist Aid certified and can’t wait to start college to be a pediatrician! We are very proud of her!  In her spare time, Miss Amya likes hanging out with her best friend and hanging in the pool!

Marvelous Marvels - V.P.K.

Ms. Julie has been educating children since 2003! She has been part of the Children's Emporium family since 2007. She holds her 45 hours of Florida Statewide training, CDA and she is First Aid / CPR certified. Ms. Julie is also a lead teacher in our Minions Aftercare Program for our school age children. Originally from Chicago, she moved to Florida 25 years ago! In 2009, Ms. Julie married her husband, Vincent. Together, they have two beautiful daughters, Ayva and Madilynn. Ms. Julie enjoys cooking, baking and shopping.

Miss Erica has been creating little learners with us since 2018! Originally born in Boca Raton but raised in Toledo, Ohio, Miss Erica returned to the beautiful sunshine state with her son, Noah in 2016.  Miss Erica holds her 45 hours of Florida Statewide training and is CPR/First Aid certified.  She is very eager to get started on obtained her FL. CDA. When Miss Erica isn’t beginning the path of learning for our small friends, she enjoys outdoor activities like going to the beach and playing at the park with her son.  Miss Erica is a spunky, bright addition to our Children’s Emporium family!

Mickey's Clubhouse - 1 1/2 year olds

Miss MJ joined us to enrich the minds of little ones in August 2016! She is our older one year old teacher! Miss. MJ holds her 45 hours of Florida Statewide training and is CPR/Frist Aid certified. Born and raised in Florida, Miss. MJ is currently a student at IRSC studying Early Childhood. Miss. MJ enjoys traveling, spending time with friends and family and most of all cheerleading. In fact, Miss MJ is an accomplished award-winning cheerleader. She has competed state, national and even worldwide competitions…and won quite a few too!!

Hollywood Superstars - 4 year olds

Miss Alexa has been creating little thinkers since 2006.  She joined the Children’s Emporium family in July 2016.  She holds her 45 hours of Florida Statewide training, a national CDA, and is CPR/First Aid certified.  Miss Alexa, a New Jersey native, now lives in Port St. Lucie, FL with her two sons (Nathaniel & Christian).  Not only does Miss Alexa assist Ms. Mory with her four-year-old class, but she is our school chef.  Miss Alexa is always making sure our tummies are full of yummy, nutritious meals!  When she isn’t teaching Ms. Alexa enjoys reading, walking, going to the beach and quality time with her family.

Ms. Candice has been enriching young minds since 2015; she became part of our family in 2018. A Florida native from Port St. Lucie, Ms. Candice holds her 45 hours of Florida Statewide training, her Associate Degree in Business Administration, CPR/First Aid certified as well as pursuing her Florida C.D.A. currently.  She plans on completing another Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education, then follow up with her Bachelor’s Degree!  Ms. Candice has been married to her husband Robert since 2010, together they have two sons, Roman & Micah.  In her spare time, Ms. Candice enjoys reading the bible, playing her viola & violin, listening to Christian music, home decorating/event planning and spending time with her family.  Ms. Candice also loves to serves others as well as her community!

Aftercare Program - School Age Children ages 6 - 12

Miss Kelsey has been molding little minds for 5 years! She joined Children’s Emporium in December of 2016. Originally from Statesboro, GA; Miss Kelsey moved to Port St. Lucie with her boyfriend in 2016! Although she has no children of her own, she has younger brothers who she enjoys spending time with! Miss Kelsey plans on continuing with her education, she is a Exercise Science Major. Miss Kelsey is also working on completing her 45 Hours of Florida Statewide training and being CPR/First Aid trained, as well! In her spare time, she enjoys being with her boyfriend and family!

Amya Ashley Spa Day Mariel Erica Children Cherice MJ Mory Jocelyn Robin Candice

Ms. Tarina - 2 1/2 year olds

Ms. Tarina has been enlightening children's educational paths since 2003! She joined our Children's Emporium family in 2020! Ms. Tarina is originally from Long Island, New York. Being born and raised in New York, after the events of 9/11, her, and her husband (Ken, married of 30 years!) decided to relocate their family to Georgia. They have four amazing children; Kenny, Victoria (who is in the U.S. Air Force), Katrina and Mackenzie! Finally, In December of 2019, they joined us here in the Sunshine State! Ms. Tarina holds her bachelor's degree, 45 hours of Florida Statewide training and is First Aid/CPR certified. When she has free time, Ms. Tarina enjoys spending time with her family, reading, scrapbooking (although she hasn't in a while) and playing games on Facebook!


Miss Lauren - Infants

Miss Lauren has been enriching children's minds since 2013! She joined the Children's Emporium family in February of 2020 but actually has worked with us in the past!! Being only a part-time help then we are finally excited to say we have her full-time now! Originally from Long Island, New York, Miss Lauren, and her family moved to Port St. Lucie, FL in 2015. Miss. Lauren lives in FL with her parents and has one older brother. Miss. Lauren went to school and holds 2 degree in Criminal Justice, she also holds her 45 hours of Florida Statewide training, as well as several

other childcare certifications. She is also CPR/Frist Aid certified! In her spare time, she enjoys singing, puzzles and her fur babies! She has 6, ask her about them!! Miss Lauren also volunteers at Petco with the cats and with the elderly!

Lauren Melissa Alexa Julie Kelsey Ms.-Janeth