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Children's Emporium
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At Children's Emporium, we believe that education should be individualized. Our professionals help your child by implementing a creative curriculum that is unique to each age group. We believe in constructing an education plan that is inclusive and incorporates differentiated instruction for all learning styles.


We provide a nurturing and creative environment for children where they feel safe and comfortable as they learn and explore. We provide hands-on learning experiences and the opportunity to "think outside the box" that children enjoy. We believe this helps children learn more by being kept engaged throughout each activity.

Promote Your Child's Love of Learning Early With Our Programs

Our early childhood programs include

  • 12-months to 18-months

  • 18-months to 24-months

  • 24 to 30-months

  • 30 to 36-months

  • 3 and 4 year olds

  • Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten

  • School age program

Pick Up and Drop Off Service for School-Age Program to: Mariposa Elementary, Village Green Elementary, Morning Side Elementary, Morning Side Academy


Meet Your Child's Educational and Social Needs With Our Help

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